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  Shanghai LoreChem Company Limited was established in 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to serve releasing products which involve semi-permanent release agent,  anti-sticking and surface lubrication. The releasing products are mainly applied in rubber, polyurethane and composite industry. Shanghai LoreChem Company has been improving  product quality for ten years. Now in the product list there are four brands LUBKO, LubeKote, Polymold and CIREX which are well-known in the industry. These products are from Europe but give better performance in China market. In addition to releasing products Shanghai LoreChem Company Limited has industry related thermal reactive adhesive, which has two famous brands of THINKBOND and CILBOND. The company also serves a full range of boat care products. LEFANT is a world-renowned brand in boat industry. Shanghai LoreChem Company Limited vigorously expands product lines. The company also has high-quality release agent products used in wood, metal die-casting and other industries. In the next decade Shanghai LoreChem Company Limited is confident to bring superior quality products in mold release, heat-reactive bonding and boat care industry.

Shanghai Lore Chem Chemical Co., Ltd. is the European production of high-performance fluorine resin (PTFE) semi-permanent release anti-sticking lubricant products and marine antibacterial coating manufacturers.