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Lore Chem 2018 will be concluded ---- Sports articles
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 Lore Chem 2018 will be concluded ---- Sports articles
  A dollar back, Vientiane update.
  Lore Chem in the January 7 to 15 annual meeting welcomed the new activities, the branch offices, Nantong warehousing and Shanghai headquarters staff gathered together hand in hand the year-end sports event.
  Lore Chem called everyone "united struggle, innovation and progress." In order to strengthen the physique of employees, the annual sports meet as scheduled. This year's sports programs include badminton, basketball friendly and badminton kicking tournaments. Some interesting sports games, guessing words and tug-of-war are also added. We abide by the principle of friendship first and competition second, opening a game of joy and glory.
  Red team ready to go ~ ~ ~ ~


  Yellow team not to be outdone ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  Wonderful moment

  Guess the word game - increase the tacit understanding with the staff

  Tug of War
  A person's power is very small, we work together to release all the power to get more victory.

  Sportsmanship reflects our desire to achieve our own leap forward and inspires our potential to keep pace with the times. Le Rui solid every employee is militaristic, to achieve a breakthrough, spell out the spirit, so that vitality burst in the game. At the same time, the games are both an arena and a big family. We help each other and put aside their burdens to show a good mental outlook of confidence, openness, positiveness and upwardness. Participation is success, persistence is victory, and practical action is used to demonstrate brainstorming and affinity. And cohesion.

  Lore Chem 2018 will come to an end ---- Annual feast awards
  On January 12, Shanghai Le Rui Gui did not take the unusual route and held the 2018 Annual Meeting of New Year in Tongqinglou, Wuxi, Jiangsu.
Time flies, 2017 in the busy and enriching unknowingly spent. 17 years of joy accompanied by sweat, success accompanied by hardships, but 17 years of performance is the foundation of 18 years. In the new year, we are moving step by step toward new goals and hopes.
The warm arrangement of the annual meeting brought the members of Le Rui Gu heart and heart distance ...

  Customer Service Department beauty hosting preparation ~ ~ ~!

  Le Rui solid members are from all corners of the country, from strange to knowing each other. In this large family, Le Rui solid employees have a dream, we all move toward this dream.

  Annual meeting of the most exciting part, wave after wave of awards inspire the audience.
1, sales elite awards
Sales level is like a ladder of life, as long as you are willing to pay hard, you will certainly have a return, as long as you have the courage to fight will be able to reap success

  2, outstanding employee awards
A team can not do without the excellent performance of outstanding staff, their work seriously and responsible, proactive, is the company's example.

  3, pioneering and innovative award

  4, leap award

  5, explore discovery award

  6, Dedication Award

  7, the best team award

  The whole year in a harmonious, warm, happy atmosphere to the draw stage. Who will be the god of luck?

  Not being awarded a prize, the company Sunshine Award is also praise Oh
Girls (Shanghai story scarves), boys (Goldlion tie)

  Lore Chem thank you! Let's 2017 is different. 2018, we will continue to work hard, smile forward.
The Spring Festival is approaching, in advance to everyone thanks to the early years, I wish you all, family happiness, good health, all the best!

  Lore Chem 2018 will come to an end ---- Tourism articles