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Celebration 2017 Lore Chem Chemical year-end distributor to share the exchange conference successfully concluded
Source:Lore Chem   |    Date: 2018-02-01   |    Hits: Loading ...

  Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to impressive 2017, ushered in the 2018 hopeful. In the past year, we have paid and we have rewards. We have laughs and tears. In 2017, under the correct guidance of the leadership, with the active efforts of our colleagues, we have experienced a full and moving year.

  Over the years, the development of Le Rui solid inseparable from the cooperation and support of the majority of dealer partners, in the first heartfelt thank you, but also hope that in the days ahead, we can go hand in hand again to create new Great chapter. By the end of this year, Le Rui Gu organized the first dealer technology sharing and exchange conference to enhance mutual understanding and understanding of the industry.

  The sharing conference summary: (company profile, rubber, polyurethane, complex materials, yachts, sailing culture in five aspects)
Wang led by the logistics department to explain to everyone Le Rui solid our order process, and sales service.
Manager Ye explained to everyone about our products and applications in the field of rubber, as well as published opinions on the rubber industry, and carried out the classification analysis on the Le Ruizhu mastering brand, so that we will encounter any mold release and adhesion Problems can quickly promote the advantages of the grade.

  Mr. Song gave us an analysis of the application of polyurethane, as well as published on the polyurethane industry insights, and the development of the polyurethane industry has been subdivided and planned to dealer partners cited the conventional polyurethane grades.
In the field of complex materials, Cui Zhanrong, technical sales director, explained the classification to everyone, including artificial stone, hand lay-up, carbon fiber and other processes, so that everyone can understand the approximate application of the compound mold release agent.

  In the new field, the yacht maintenance products - LEFANT, by the author Kevin.li, gave you a unique explanation, so that we have an initial understanding of the development history of China's yacht industry, as well as domestic yacht maintenance products market overview, the most critical The recognition of our excellent yacht maintenance brand LEFANT.

  Mr. Mou introduced everyone to our company's sailing culture, letting you experience the joy of sailing and feel the sailing team spirit of cooperation immersed in the environment. A positive spirit and a free soul are unruly.
Finally, by our big Peng published the overall development plan for the company, with the determination of our partners, we introduced our understanding and smell of new products and new industries and new industries after the European trip ... and broaden our horizons Our journey leads the way.

  The last, as the host of us, has been upholding the good tradition of Le Rui solid, friends from afar, exhilaration! Be sure to entertain, dinner is our happy interactive time. GO! GO! GO ...
2018, we Le Rui solid will be more positive and progressive look, perseverance, courage and courage, to meet new challenges!
Finally, I wish you all the best in the new year with good health and abundant financial resources!